An EVE Online New Player Friendly Corporation





Karmafleet is a proud member of the Goonswarm Federation, who dwell deep in null security space, beyond the reach of the four great Empires, and far from the protection of CONCORD. Together with our allies, we have forged our own Empire which knows no equal.


Newbee Services and Resources

  • - Skill plans supported by free Skill Books
  • - Free Ships for new players
  • - Ship Reimbursement Program for almost any PvP loss
  • - Mentorship programs with experienced players
  • - One of the most extensive EVE Wikis at your fingertips
  • - Alliance-wide Jabber Services to keep you informed
  • - Mumble voice communication server
  • - Infamous Goonfleetdotcom forums
  • - Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for any EVE playstyle
  • - Massive player run industrial infrastructure
  • Space is a lonely place, check out our social groups to find some friends!

  • - Military Vets
  • - Science Nerds
  • - Foodies
  • - Programmers
  • - Recreational herbal enthusiasts
  • - Health and fitness nerds
  • - LGBTQ friendly group
  • - Sirenswarm, our group strictly for females
  • - Medical professionals, teachers, lawyers, and many other professions!


There are more corporations to join in EVE Online than there are star systems to explore -- So why choose Karmafleet?

Karmafleet was designed from the ground up by some of the most powerful players in EVE to be a powerful learning tool for new players, and at the same time, a heavy hitting alliance wide asset. Month after month Karmafleet pilots lead the charge into all of levels of the Imperiumís conquests, often contributing more numbers to any given engagement than any other Imperial entity. Karmafleet pilots contribute on every level, from newbies flying dreaded EWAR frigates, to our more experienced players piloting capital and supercapital ships into what can be the most expensive and stunning battles in the universe.

We're not just active during the big fights either. Right now, there are over two hundred logged into Karmafleet Corporation chat, and well over a thousand in the Alliance wide chat channel. At any given point our pilots are exploring the deep reaches of Wormhole space, forming fleets to defend our home, forming fleets to strip vast asteroid fields of any and all resources, and of course, being led into combat by one of many Imperial Fleet Commanders.


1. Go to recruit.karmafleet.org and register an account on our human resources site.

2. Follow the instructions listed on the landing page, and do your best to include any requested information.

3. Once your API keys are registered and your application is submitted, our recruitment team will process your membership request. You will need to register API keys for every account you have, not just the applying character. This process can take upwards of 48 hours, please bear with them.

4. Once processed, you will get an in game notification letting you know you have been accepted!

5. You will receive a welcome mail with all the instructions needed to make sure you get safely to our home station and set up on all of our communications tools.

6. Youíre in! Go fly some free spaceships!